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November 11, 2002

GOOD SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 08, 2002

Jessica V. - 6th grade Crockett, TX

November 04, 2002

Karen Sappington
November 04, 2002

Thank you for publishing these pages. They have been the most valuable research tool for insight into the life of the soldiers at Valley Forge. One of my children has to submit an extensive report in three parts and could find almost nothing in the library.

October 31, 2002

good job

Brenna N.
October 27, 2002

very nice!!

Brandi Burkett
October 27, 2002

This website really helped me on my DAR project. It was the best website that I have looked at for this project. Thanks for making it because if you didnt I probably wouldn't have my project done. Thanks again!!

Thomas Maskell Caruthers, VIII
October 26, 2002

My father, Ray Goulding Caruthers, (b.December 19th, 1894, d. April 22, 1958) was the son of Charles Burrows Caruthers, and Mary Wheeler. (Goulding was the doctor's name that delivered him). Ray married Eleanor Isabel Colgan, of New Castle, PA on December 27th, 1945. They had two sons: Ray Goulding Caruthers, II (b. October 20, 1946- ), and me, Thomas Maskell Caruthers, VIII (b. March 28, 1948- ). Neither my brother nor I have any children. I'm so pleased I found this site. Thanks for you hard work. Tom

John Ewing
October 23, 2002

My name is John Ewing. I live in Scotland. I enjoyed your well presented site. I have traced my Ewing roots to 1785. Hugh Ewing was born in LOchwinnoch, Renfrewshire. Since then my family have lived in Ayrshire at Beith and Kilbirnie which are only a very few miles from Lochwinnoch.

Josh Walters
October 15, 2002

Hello I like you site and the background music

Chris Waters
October 14, 2002

Thaks for helping me with my homework

Stephen Ewing
October 08, 2002

hi. I live in belfast Northern Ireland and my surname is Ewing, my father is name Thomas Ewing and so is my Grandfather. I dont know my grandfathers d.o.b or his fathers details but I will get back to you on that because after looking at the information on your site, I believe I could be a decendant of this Thomas Ewing Snr.

Jean Winters Stone
October 01, 2002

I was really excided to come across this site,I found my Grandma's and Dad's name on here cannot wait to get back to this site and read some more of my history. Thanks

September 21, 2002

very nice

September 16, 2002

This is a great site!!! But I really need the authors name so I can recognise it in my essay I have to do. Can you get back to me a.s.a.p.??

Jan Ewing
September 14, 2002

I haven't done alot of investigation in my own tree but I am 4th generation Ewing in New Zealand and I know yes we are Scottish and was amazed to see the same names. I am a descendent of a Thomas Ewing, and a few others which none of you would know of but hey great great site.


September 11, 2002

Teach me to type while tired. The Ewings were resettled in Ireland to quell the Irish - the rest of what I typed - typos aside - is correct; namely: WE'RE NOT IRISH! WE'RE SCOTS!

Rachel Ewing-Pace
September 11, 2002

I am descended through William> James> Findley> Thomas> Johsua> Joshua> Joshua Green> Thomas> Arley> Gail, though most of my line is not represented. I just wanted to point out WE'RE SCOTS! NOT IRISH! The Ewings were resettled in Scotland during one of the endless periods of unrest with the Irish in an attempt to get them to stop killing each other. The Scots-Irish, as they were called, remained a distinct and separate group and were Protestants, not Catholic and never Irish.

B Brandon
September 01, 2002

Great site! Barb Brandon

Don Newton
August 29, 2002

As a Revolutionary War enthusiast I appreciate your posting of George Ewings journal. Well done web site.

John R. Ewing Sr.
August 25, 2002

Thank you.

Wendy Ewing
August 23, 2002

This looks very interesting - I myself am a Ewing from Northern Ireland - My father is a London'er and he was one of 9 children. All of my Ewing relatives live in England and myself and my sister are the end of our Ewing line in Belfast. This is definately a great site.

Joanne McGregor Sterling
August 20, 2002

I was so excited when I discover all the work that was done on My family origins. My Great Grandmother was Margaret Jane Ewing, Born in 1852. Her Father was Nathaniel Harris Ewing, and her Mother was Margaret Curtis Dunn. I have her bible in which she entered all of this Info. It also has the complete names of all of her brothers and sisters. She married a John Trusdall, who was born in Scott County, Ill in 1842. They had 3 boys, Claude James, William H. and John Johnson. Wiliam and John had no children. Claude married Leda Johnson from Sweded in 1909 in Utah and had 3 children, Margaret Louise, Robert Harris, and Jack. Margaret married Joseph McGregor and they had 3 children. James Richard, Joanne Roberta, and Margaret Aleada. Robert, married a Thelma Brooks and had 3 children, Robert, Ronald, and Susan. I understand there is a Ewing reunion each year. My sister and I would more info concerning this event.

Matthew R Dean
August 18, 2002

I enjoyed the site and found many of my ancestors that I had never known.

Mary Hamilton
August 12, 2002

I'm looking for a John Ewing born abt. 1740 - New Jersey I have no parents or wife) Three children: Robert Ewing b. 1762-1768 - New Jersey - d 1854 Donegal Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa. married Sarah Salisbury b. 1771 - VA. d.aft.1854 Children: John - Samuel - James - Thomas - Sarah - Andrew - Elizabeth Mary Ewing - died aft. 1818 - Westmoreland Co., Pa. - married William Campbell Rebecca Ross Ewing - b. 1777 - Pa. died about 1850/1860 Cook Twp.,Westmoreland Co., Pa. married George Campbell. Children: John - Hannah - Mary

Jeretta Lee Wilson
August 07, 2002

I have not looked at the site as yet but I am sure it is great. My Line is from Thomas Ewing and Elizabeth Thorpe Isreal Ewing and Hanna Frederick Hanna Jeretta Ewing and James Jasper Chambers

Thomas F Ewing
August 06, 2002

Great find! I am trying to trace my fathers family (Ewing).Any info on Thomas Elwood Ewing 3/28/1853 - 4/8/1918 son of William P Ewing 2/14/1822 - 7/9/1903 would be greatly appreciated.

Thomas F Eewing
August 06, 2002

Great find! I am trying to trace my fathers family (Ewing).Any info on Thomas Elwood Ewing 3/28/1853 - 4/8/1918 son of William P Ewing 2/14/1822 - 7/9/1903 would be greatly appreciated.

Sherry Toulou
July 30, 2002

Thomas Ewing and Mary Maskell to Maskell Ewing and Mary Swing to Thomas Ewing and Mary Leeper to Jane Ewing and Allen Leeper to Eliza Leeper and Amariah Harris Brooks to John Wesley Brooks and Mary Eshelman to David Wesley Brooks and Esther May Van Dyke to Vergil Leonard Brooks and Eleanor Houdyshel to Virginia Brooks and Harold Richter To Sherry Richter --Me. That is my line of descent.

Kay Miller
July 30, 2002

Hi Marilyn-looking for new info, but always enjoy going over your website. My ancestry-Elisha/Jane H. Ewing to Henry Clay Latimer to Wm. E. Latimer. Henry Clay was married twice-1st unknown but with children. 2nd. was Eliza Jane Clark-from Indiana. Any chance you have info on her parentage? Still looking for descentants of George Ewing Latimer. George was with Elisha, Jane, Samantha, Henry-when they went down the MS River in the 1840's to Biloxi-but lose track of him from there-although there is a "George Latimer" in Hinds Country MS Census. Records show his death as 1847-not leaving him much time to have a family. The George Latimer in Florida (sister, Doris Amelia Twohig and brother John Wilbur Latimer) were the children of John Wilbur Latimer, Sr., son of George Ewing Latimer-and remember that "Grampa Latimer had a brother, Edwin". Hope to hear from these folk one day and clear up the mystery. Looking for someone that knows where Samantha Latimer Jermyn was buried-some of the Jermyns are buried in the Old Handsboro Cemetery but cannot find her burial place. Recently have found the burial place (through a Family History Message Board) for Elisha and Jane Hunter Ewing Latimer's daughter, Amanda Darthanta (Darathula) Latimer (1823-1876) Lamey(Lami / Lamais) in Hamilton Cemetery ( South Cedar Lake Area, West Biloxi, Harrison County MS). Small restored cemetery with five markers inside an iron fence. Alexander Antoine (Lami) Lamey (B.5-22-1804 D. 2-23-1890) first married Margaret Constanza Ladnier in 1836. Their children were : 1. Albert Lami; 2. Phillip Lami; 3. Lucy Lami; 4. John Baptiste Lami 1828; 5. Wm. Julius Lami 1840. Alexander married Darathula Latimer in 1844. Their children were: 1. Edward 1845; 2. Abijah 1847; 3. Antoine 1850; 4. Eliza 1851; 5. Anna 1853; 6. Mary Louise 1860; 7. Dora ___ An 1850 Harrison County MS Census shows Alexander Lamais 46, Darthula 27, Edward 5, Abijah 3, Antoine 6/12, Wm. Lamais 21, and Phillip 15. I will find the time to give some further info on the Latimers that I have more up-to-date history on. This was the first info that I had found on Darathula, and wonder if she came down to MS with Elisha, Jane, Samantha, Henry, George, since she was not mentioned in the letter Jane wrote to Thomas Ewing.

Rosalie Latimer Hoyt
July 22, 2002

Rosalie Latimer Hoyt
July 22, 2002

Velma Glada Ewing Winston Swick
July 17, 2002

I have been searching for ANYTHING pertaining to my family history. Problem is, I now live in upstate NY, but was born and raised in the southern part of West Virginia (Beckley) area. As far as I know, none of my family have done research. My father was Howard Lee Ewing, born July 1, 1913, died June 22, 1984, his father was Thomas Lewis Ewing, born April 11, 1882, died June 5, 1952. I am very, very excited to find your web site! I have just begun! I sure would appreciate any information you have. Thank you so much.

July 16, 2002

My grandmother's maiden name was Albertine M. Ewing (b1910-2001). I am looking for information about her line. I know she had two brothers, Ray and Wilbur. Also she is registered as a Daughter of the American Revolution, a Colonial Dame. Her father, my g-grandfather, name was Frazier. They lived in Virginia and West Virginia. My grandfather's name (her husband) was named William Border. Any information on this end of the Ewing family??

Nikki Perry

July 13, 2002

I have made very little progress since first posting on your site but would like to add what I have found in the hopes of someone out there being able to help me. I am looking for a John Ewing born in PA (possibly Colerain TWP, Lancaster PA) married a Margaret nee ? According to the 1860 census they had the following children: William F. age 13, Eliza J. age 12, James A. age 10, Nancy B. age 8, John age 7, George W. age 6, Francis M. age 2 The son, George W. married Annie Hershey about 1880-1881 and they moved to Harrisburg where George was an engineer for RR. According to the 1900 census they had the following children: Jenett age 18, William R. age 16, Harry F. age 10, Howard W. age 8 and John E. age 5. Thank you for any help that anyone out there can provide. Nikki Perry Memphis TN

Sally Pedigo

I am a descendant of a Robert Ewing who came to
Virginia from Londonderry in the late 1600"s.  He is buried at Peaks of the Otter in Virginia.  His son, also Robert, fought in the Revolution then came to Kentucky where he served in the legistation.  He is buried at the Old Red River Cemetary in Logan County Kentucky.  Any relation?

Xyla Baird Hathaway

Your Web Site is really wonderful.  I have my own on my mother's family, but as it gets cold I have forgotten how to do it.  Your site has inspired me to take a refresher course and go at it again.  

Darline Fawn Ewing-Greening

My name is Darline Fawn Ewing-Greening.  My daddy's name was Walter Carl Ewing Sr. born July 9, 1917, and his father was Walter Harris Ewing born Oct 5, 1889 and died Aug 10, 1939.  Walter Harris Ewing was born in Alabama, but ended up in Texas.  Anyone with any information on him would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Robert Ewing Meek

My name is Robert Ewing Meek.  My address is 12542 S. 73rd Ave. Palos Heights, IL 60463.  My great grandfather was Robert Thomas Ewing, the son of Nathaniel Harris Ewing.  Please contact me with
information.  I'm just getting started with my Ewing family research. 

Wayne Eric Ewing

Hello. I'm Wayne Eric Ewing a relative of
Delancy Ellsworth Ewing the 1st,2nd, and
3rd. Dates back to 1800's. If you have any info,please send to wayneewing@hotmail.com     Thank you! 

Stacy (Ewing) Dry

I am not sure which Ewing family I come from. If you can help me out that would be great. My family lives in Hardin County in Ohio. My grandfathers name is Dwight Eugene Ewing (married Hattie Mae Dotson) and my fathers name is Darryl Allan Ewing. I don't know anything about our family history. My husband is in the military so we move a lot and it's hard to get places to look these sorts of things up. (We are currently in Japan) Help!! ~Thanks!!

Christina Ewing

This is so cool I've been trying to trace my ancestry and this website makes is possible thanx. Please contact me

Rodney Councell

Anastasia Councell who married
James Ewing father was Henry Councell who came to America before 1729, as he had settled on a tract of land in Queen Anne County, Maryland in 1729. My Great Grandfather Thomas Henry Councell was born circa 1830, but I have been unable to find his father, but am sure that his forefather was Henry Councell of 1729 as they were in the same part of the country. Would appreciate any leads.

Donna L. Coffield

I would like to be a contributor to your site.  My husband was Ray Ewing Coffield III and I do have some information about the Coffield/Ewing/Barlett connections.  I found this site by way of "google". 

Barbara McCormick

Great job!!!!!  Appreciate all your hard work - it certainly shows. Thanks
for allowing me to contribute.

Good site - not sure that I am one of Mary Maskell's decendents !!

Clive Maskell

Rupert EWING

At last, I can find out about my own family history!  Please keep this site going for as long as possible, any new information is most welcome.  It is gravely educational!

Thomas F. Ewing

Looking for info on William Penn Ewing b. 2/14/1822 d. 7/9/1903

William James Ewing

I found your site quite by accident...I thought it very informative and enlightening. Being a UK Ewing I was quite surprised to find our name so far spread and of such historical significance. Coincidently I found it of interest that the American Ewings sailed from Londonderry in Ireland, as both my father and grandparents were all born there. Unfortunately they are all deceased now and am unable to find out more of our history..

Earl Kevin Ewing

Very entertaining

Nora Hailer

My Great Grandfather was Earl Dennis Ewing. Is that in anything you have? He was married to Addeline Cook They lived in Illinois and had 10 children. Thank you,

Glenn C. Woodmancy

My Ewing line goes to James, a British soldier who became a teacher - preacher at Hopewell, NJ after the Amer. Revolution and died there in 1806.

David Garry James Ewing

Has any research been done on Ewing descendants still living in Ireland? my great grandfather Joseph Ewing was born in County Donnegal around 1880 and lived there all his life, having 6 children Eleanor, James, Willy, Josephine, and Joseph Desmond Ewing - my grandfarther.

Frieda Ross

I have a Thomas Ewing born 16 Mar 1837 in Johnstone, Scotland married Catherine Kelley 18 Dec 1857 in Scotland. They came to KS around 1867. Does anyone know of this line? Thank you

Maxine Orosco

I was visiting your website searching for info on Maskell.  In my family history, I have Bethia Parsons marrying Thomas Maskell, one of their 6 children being Abigail Maskel who married Thomas Bacon.  The date of birth for Abigal Maskell is 2 Nov 1663 and that she married Thomas Bacon 12 Mar 1684.  I have her siblings listed as Bertha, Thomas, Thomas,Jr, John and Elizabeth.

Could this be the same Abigail Maskell as in your files?

Thomas Darrell Ewing

My name is Thomas Darrell Ewing. I am the first son of Cleo Elivian Ewing the son of Hollie E. Ewing. I do not know if I am of the Thomas Ewing line but found the site interesting and enjoyable. Thanks.

David Ewing

Excellent work in the site. I wish I knew who my ancestors were. I have names of my parents only.

Brittany Latimer

Hi! I think this website is great! I just happened to come across it because I was looking for my ancestors...which one of them is Elisha Latimer who was married to Jane Hunter Ewing...I love the website!

Suzan Edwards (Bennett)

This is how I am connected to the Ewing Clan:
My Grandmother  - Wyola Ewing (Bennett)
b. 1907   d. 1992

Her Parents
John M. Ewing   & Minnie McCarthy
1874 - 1966

His Parents
Thomas Ewing  & Lucy King
1835 - 1915      b. 1848   d. ??

His Parents
John M. Ewing  & Lettice Work
1797 - 1818      1796 - 1871

His Parents

James Ewing  & Mary Horn

If you can fill in any of the blanks please let me know and thanks so much!

Marilyn J. Allen; 449 West Plumb Lane; Reno, NV  89509

My grandmother was Malina Lenora Ewing, daughter of Alexander Scott
Ewing and Mary Frances Harrison.  Alexander was the son of James
Vickery Ewing.

This is a great site.

Jean Lantzy Blackwood

My great-great-grandfather was William Ewing b. April 14, 1835 in Mercer Co. PA;he married Dorcas Campbell. Wm. was a civil war vet with the 101st Roundhead Regiment.  His father was Thomas Ewing, possibly b. 1758, possibly mother was Mary Kesey.  Wm.'s children Joseph, Samuel, William,Charles, Ida Mae, Thomas,Mary Ann, Robert, Lily,and Carrie.
I would love to find out something more about this family and hope we can find a connection.

Penny Smith

I am a descendant of
James Ewing and Anastasia Councell who were married May 17, 1767.

Dahrl E. Moore

Interested in the Tamzon Ewing that married into the Moore family in cumberland County New Jersey.
Very good site.

Candace Ewing

I am trying to find out my family history and need some help.  Is help available from this site??

William R. Ewing

Jean Dertinger

I am related to Greenbury and Abigal Livingood. A lot of time and research has went into this site. If you ever find Greenburys parents, please let me know.

Jean Ewing Fanshier

Just checking in to say "hi". Keep up the good work

Carol Ewing

Hello. My name is Carol Anne Ewing. I am the middle daughter of Charles Robert Ewing and Mary K. Ewing. My Dad is the son of Clifford Ewing(Died June 20 1984.) We don't really know about our history. we herd about this site from Rose Ewing.

i will tell you a little about our family if you don't us.  My mom and my dad have three kids my sister Cynthia Erin Ewing born on April 7,1983 Carol Ewing (me) born June 20,1985 and Clifford Lyle Ewing Born September 11, 1987. We live in Pea Ridge, AR  We would like to Know more about our history Thanks

Jay Sullivan

I am a descendant of Thomas Ewing, through:Joshua, Joshua,jr, Joshua Green, Thomas Maskell, Estella Alberta Ewing, Minnie Mae Dorey Sullivan and Robert Edward Sullivan.  I would love any further Ewing family information you have...Great site!

Ken Berreth

Great site....Looking for John J. Ewing class of 1963 Frankfort, KS.  Hoping one of the KS Ewing's posting or looking.  Thanks.....

Dalene (Ewing) Brown

Hi, My gggrandfather was Joseph Ewing who, stated on the 1850 census in OH, that he was born in Germany.  Have you heard of any Ewings in Germany?? My grandfather was named Thomas,his dad Henry Clay was in the OK land rush and
died in KS.  Any connections? Glad to
find your site.

jeff beisker

my name is jeff beisker from cedar rapids iowa. my grandmother is a winters and my father is a beisker. small world after all, never would have thought i would be related to the ewings from both sides   have a great holiday season

Jean dertinger

My mother is Nellie Livingoods daughter.
I didn't realize how inter related we are in northeast Iowa.

Brinda Miller

I'm a Ewing decendant- just started research on this line, so I don't have a lot of info yet. This is a great sight.


I am delighted to find your site.  My mother was Ann Jane Ewing born 1910 died 1985.  I have only just started to research my family tree, so I am new to all this.  My mothers grandmother came from Glasgow and was referred to as Scot's Kitty.  I realize I still have a long way to go but your site has inspired me.  Thank you.
Jacqueline Daniels.

Mary Ewing

Hi, I recently attended the Clan Ewing gathering in Lancaster, Ohio where I met descendants of the four brothers - Thomas, Charles, Hugh, and Philimon. My husband is directly descended from Thomas.

nancy heyworth truesdale

I'm glad I found this site I been looking for info on Ewings. My 4-great-grandmother was Eliza Ewing. Her parents were John Ewing and Mary Ann Winscott. She was born in 1846. She married in 1865 to Charles Davis from Prentice Ill. If you have any information please let me know. I'm at a dead-end.  dart

Suzanne Sprouse

I am interested to know the relations of Thomas Ewing Sr.  I am descended from William Ewing(Scotland) and Eliza Melford(Irish) who came to America in the late 1600's.  There are family letters that refer to a brother Thomas who came later.  Is your Thomas, William's brother?

Todd Ewing

Very interesting!

Evelyn Perrymann Woodward

Very interesting.  I am descended from Joshua Green Ewing, Edward Morgan Ewing, on my mother's line.

Joan Edgar Bess

This is a great site. I was seeking information on Parmelia Jane Ewing Married to William Conner Edgar. Married June 1786 or 1789 in Bedford Co., Va. Both born in Bedford Co,, Va

John Rufus Ewing Sr.

I am a descendant of William Ewing and Eliza Milford. They are as far back as I have files on.  I would like to know who his brothers were and/ his father and mother's name.  I can't seem to figure it out.  Thanks.  jrewingsr@cyou.com

Rev.Earl J.Lawson

Julia.mcann@ssc said that i should write you about Anna Brewster maybe you could give me some help THANKS

Mike Ewing

Dear Marilyn,
My name is Mike Ewing and I am originally from Memphis, Tn but currently live in Kenya. I am just beginning to do some research on my own family history and have enjoyed reading about yours. Thanks for all the information. Who knows maybe someday I will find someone that we are both related to.

Bob G. Quinn

Thank you for this excellent Sherman family history. I am researching; William Sherman Fitch(6/24/1875-12/15/1927), son of Marie Sherman and Lt Thomas W. Fitch. The Sherman/Fitch history only list their children as Thomas W. (b 6/4/1878) and Mary Elizabeth (b 5/28/1883. Comments appreciated.

kathy cummins

Hello, I am Katherine Ewing of New Jersey.
My grandmother was a member of the DAR and I am trying to research the family origins. She had alzhiemers and after she passed away my dad had a brain anyrism and we've lost much of our history.I have very little to go on. Help!

Craig Eddy

Good site.  It's nice to be able to look back at my family history.

Paul E Cousins

Great website.Nice to see James Josiah Ewing branch. Have details if you are interested. Wife GGD of Thomas, son of J J Ewing.

Garen Cameron ewing

I live in the UK and am a descendant of a line of
James Ewings from Scone in Perth then Dysart in Fife. My g-g grandfather was David Ewing - a lemonade manufacturer in Dundee! Would love to hear from anyone who may have a family connection. Many thanks. - Garen.

Benni La Shelle Ewing

I have found your website very interesting.  I am a Ewing but of African American decent. I do know that my grandfathers name was John Albert Ewing and that he was half Irish half Black and that somehow they migrated to Leavenworth Ks.  I doubt if I am a decendant of Thomas Ewing Sr., but I am interested on how I would begin a search to find out.

Thank you,

marcus ewing

Howdy  My folks really loved your site -- it really informed us. Thank you alot.



Kristopher "Kris" Ewing

Just surfing the net, saw your web site and jumped in.  I too am a decendent of the Ewing Clan.  However, my grandfather's name is Urdix Benjamin Ewing, where he was born I do not know.  My father's name was Urdix Marlin Ewing, he was born in St. Louis, MO. moving onto Tell City, Indiana where he remained until his death in 1974.  Me and my family now live in Westminster, South Carolina where I moved upon retirement from the U.S. Navy in 1995 after serving 21 years.  My name is Kristopher Scott Ewing, birth name was Christie Scott Ewing which I changed the first to Kristopher in 1986.  I have 2 brothers, Clayton who remains in Tell City, Indiana and Craig who lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  

Your site is really cool.

Thanks for letting me come in and visit.

Kristopher "Kris" Ewing

Ps... I have a web site as well

Danny Thomas Ewing

Great site!

Mabel Pyle

I've had a great time and learned a lot going through Sandcastles.  My line is Thomas Ewing, Sr [b 1690], Maskell Ewing [b 1721], Mary Ewing[b 1753], Richard Ewing Caruthers [b 1781}, Eleanor Caruthers [b 1823], Thomas Maskell Findley [b 1847] and Anna Claire Findley [b 1897]. I began doing my family history in February so still don't have a lot of information and am not well organized yet.

Arthur J (Jack) Rogers Jr.

I am a relative thru Jane Ewing Latimer,Jermyn,McIntosh,Lemasson,Rogers of the Mississippi branch.

I am glad I have found this site. 

I will keep in contact.


Nikki Perry

Greetings! My mother is a Ewing from Marysville, Pennsylvania. Her maiden name is Michelle Ewing. She has 2 sisters:
Nikki and Jan.
Her parents were:Howard Fleming Ewing and
Jane Rice Ewing. My grandfather (Howard Fleming) was a colonel in the USA.I know his parents both died in Marysville,PA.
Does anyone have any information on this branch of the Ewings? I would appreciate any help. Thank You!

Hi Iam Chelsea Ruth Ewing.I'm trying to find more about my family.Is there a Henry P. Ewing in this family? I'm his Granddaughter.You can reach me at j.thorn@ juno.com     thanks

Mary Altman

I really like you home page and the pictures are great of the Price-Mitchell family.  

I am researching the Mitchell family from PA.  Walter Mitchell, my grandfather and I believe, his dad was John Mitchell.  

We want to put together a page like yours, my brother and I.  I haven't done it yet because I wasn't sure how I wanted to do but since I saw yours, I think it great what you all have done. 

Glenn C. Woodmancy
 <mapaksg@netscape.net> Lawrence, KS 

Hello, Discovered your site from a message board of FamilyHistory. com. I like your site. I am a descendant of
James Ewing(1755-1806) and Amelia--. James was a Britsih soldier in the Revolution who deserted to become an American. He settled in NJ, became a teacher & Baptist preacher. He died at Hopewell, NJ . He had son Samuel who migrated to NY State near Rochester as an indentured servant to Charles Morford. He married Morford's dau. Margaret.  About 1830 he migrated to Cattaraugus Co. NY as a farmer. In the '30s he became the first superintendent of schools for the Western District of Cattaraugus Co. He lived to be nearly 98 years old in the village of Randolph, NY One of his sons, Robert, became a railroad engineer and the Chief Engineer of the Erie RR. Another son Joel
 became a farmer in the county. Joel(1830-1905) was my great grandfather.
Keep up the good work, Glenn Woodmancy 

Mike Ewing

Not sure if we are descendants. We have a medal of honor from the civil war that was presented to my great grandfather John C. Ewing 211th Pennsylvania Infantry.

John R. Ewing

Every thing is still OK.(descendant of William Ewing)

Denis Ewing

I am a Ewing but I come from London, my grandfather was Irish, I now live in Sydney Australia, I think you have done a great job with this site, it is a good read, Thank you.

Denis Ewing  

Robert A. "Bob" Ewing

My name is Robert Allen Ewing, son of Allen Fred Ewing, Jr. and grandson of Allen Fred Ewing. My father was born in Newark, Ohio. My grandfather was born in Ohio as well. I know little more of my own Ewing lineage beyond that, but would like to know more.
This in an informative and interesting site. Feel free to e-mail me with any info that might help me discover more on my own Ewing line.

R. Ewing

Bryan Ewing

A well-designed site.  I'm just beginning to research my lineage.  My father was born in Wyoming, but I (and he) knows almost nothing about his family prior to his Father (J.R. Ewing, oddly enough, died around 1943)

Thomas Crickenberger

hello there  i am Thomas Crickenberger, son of Louise Elizabeth Ewing, daughter of Annie Elizabeth Ewing & peter Thomas Ewing.

Richard D. ewing

Great site. very good work.  I am from the
James Ewing of Pocohantos line
through his son Swago Bill.

Linda McVetis

I found your web-site very interesting as my maiden name is Ewing (although I don't think I am one of Thomas Ewing Snr's descendants.  It has made me want to find out my own ancestry though!

Irene E. Fraley

I am Irene Dunlop Ewing Fraley. My father James and uncle Hampton (Lawyers from Yonkers, practice NYC) were descendants of Thomas Ewing Jr, Sr, George Ewing, (Valley Forge) and so forth back to Scotland and the Battle of Culloden.(Also pocahontas through the Dunlops of Virginia.)This is a nice site, and I enjoyed seeing all the Ewings. I am trying to get in contact with the Author/psychologist/Diplomate Charles Patrick Ewing. If anyone knows his location I would apprectate hearing from him. It has to do with the effect of the Ewing Tradition, which I think should be studied. Thak You & Good Luck Ewings!

Thomas Maskell Caruthers, VIII

I must be down the tree somewhere.

Jack Walter Ewing

I have no idea who I descented from. My My Granpa was James Tyman Ewing Moved to LA around 1919 from Oklahoma. My dads name was Jewell Sanford Ewing. Where they came from prior to Olklahoma I've no idea!

Cathleen bragg

My name is Cathleen Bragg.  My mothers maiden name is Ewing. My Grandpa, William Ewing lives in Illinois. Is Ewing a common last name among the Irish? What about Bragh? I know that it means forever in Galic(spelling?)And that my ancestors changed the spelling of the name to sound more american. Well thought maybe you would know. Thankyou


Hi, I am from the line of William Ewing -(1630) Stirling Castle,Scotland. Your web site looks great!  Keep up the good work!
Sincerely,Margaret Ewing

twotricks-lum @ prodigy.net

Descendant line from JOHN EWING born 7 Jun 1732 in Cumberland Cty,NJ. I'm the 8th
generation parents & grandparents X 2 from KY.

John R. Ewing Sr. 

6th Great Grandson of William Ewing & Eliza Milford.  Through John, Isaac & William Thomas Hartwell Ewing

Robert Ewing

Hi,I am a 10Th generation descendant to Joseph Ewing, born abt. 1680 in Ireland.
His only child Deacon Joseph Ewing Sr.born in Harpswell, Maine Oct. 4 1716 died
oct.4 1790.He had 10 children. I have more Info, if you want me to send it to you. Robert Ewing jr. Topsham Maine  

James Ewing

Searching for info on Ewing family when I found your site.  VERY IMPRESSIVE and I am going to bookmark it as a reference when I do my own site.  My linage is Henry Clay Ewing but don't have a lot of information on him since I just started.  Do know he died in Wichita, Kansas in 1906. Thanks for the inspiration.   


My name is Heather Ewing, and I am 6 generations away from Alexander Ewing, son of Robert Ewing.  Your website has helped me so much with a report I had to do.  Thank You!

Bonnie Maskell

I am trying to trace my family tree.  the only information I have is my great great grandfather was a British soldier and was born in 1734.  His name was John Maskell



I enjoyed this visit very much.  I  need to find Ewings that founded Ewing,Nebraska. I have three names. Cloe, Sabina and Will Pack. They came from Neb. and died in Wyo. They deserve more of history. 

Rita Nowack

searching for Jane A Ewing b. Feb 16 1800 in Perry Co Ind. or one of the surrounding counties. Md William Scott Sr.She d. 8-31-1880 & is buried in Scottville Cem.Ellery Ell. 

Joseph Gary Ewing

I am from Lebanon,in Marion County Kentucky. My fathers name was John Irvine Ewing. He was born in Marion or Washington County. His father was Clarence Ewing. My Great-Grandfathers name was E. Bernard (?)Ewing.Please Help.

Sandra Ewings

I'm not sure if I'm related, I know my last name added an "s" an unknown number of generations ago.

Elaine G. Bennett

I started exploring sites listing senior information. I ended up bookmarking this very nice ewing site. My screen isn't wide enough for your info. We share decent from the Ewing/Maskell families. My Joshua ewing lived in Iowa before the Civil War. My Thomas Ewing, his family and the brothers moved to Adair Co. Iowa.



Gerry Ewing

I think my father-in-law has information to fill in some blanks on the Hugh Boyle Ewing branch. I'm brand new and don't know what a ged.file is. 

Grace L.B.Sherman

My husband is a relative of William T Sherman. It has been a question whether he was an uncle or grandfather. There are strong family likenesses to him. I am new at this and sure hope to find the link

Reginald Graham Latimer

Very interesting..And maybe very helpful to me..We have researched my Latimer linage..
and seem to come to an abrupt stop with the Irish records that are available..

I am a fourth generation Latimer in this country..My great grandfather was Irish.. 
as was my maternal great grand mother..Both came from Co.Sligo, Ireland..their names..
Richard Latimer.. b1829  Colloney, Co.Sligo Anne Jane Payne.. b1835  Drmcliffe, Co.Sligo

We have found that he was born in a town by the name of Colloney..had several brothers and sisters..We have found the following brothers and sisters of Richard..Thomas, Terance, Charles, William, Jane, Johston and Ismeena..But little else.One of the brothers migrated to Canada..He was a 'storekeeper'..had a son who became a doctor..I havew been unable to trace any issue of his..or find if, indeed, there are any..

Richard and Anne Jane migrated to Australia in 1855.I have found that Richard's father was a William Latimer  b1785  Colloney, Co.Sligo Farmer.Married July 2, 1809 at St.John's, Sligo, Ireland.

By religion we have found that they were Church of Ireland..(Anglican??) and we believe that Williams parents may have come from somewhere in the U.K.Where??  When??

If you have any information that may be helpful to us to 'complete' out 'Family Tree'..
we would be forever grateful..particularly any U.K. connections that you may have..

Thanking you in anticipation..

Yours Very Sincerely..

Reg Latimer
107 Kananook Ave.
Seaford  3198

Robert Elmo Ewing

My grandfather
James Ewing was born on February 2 1869 in Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. His brothers were John, Robert, and William. We may be related going back?

Tom Edwards

Greetings! With joy I have found your excellent website devoted to the Ewing family! I am related to the Ewing family through my mother's side (her maiden name is Eleanor Ewing). Her father was Tom Ewing (who I am named after), son of Albert Thomas Ewing, son of a Thomas Ewing who fought in WWI and is buried in California.

The Ewings of my family have said that we are related to the Senator Thomas Ewing of Ohio, and I have been trying to find that link in the chain. However, based on your site, I don't see any Thomas Ewing of the late 19th Century who had a son named Albert Thomas Ewing. Maybe I'm not searching correctly? Or maybe our relation to the Senator is a family myth?

I'd be extremely grateful for any help you could provide me on discerning this geneaological path for my Ewing side, any pointers to references I should check would be GREAT! Thank you kindly,

Tom Edwards

Jennifer Ewing

hi! it was interesting to see all of the different facts about the origin of the last name Ewing. I am myself am a Ewing but I am pretty sure that i am not related to any of these Ewings. Thank you

Lorraine Chase (Ewing)

Just surfing the web about my name Maiden name Ewing..From Nova Scotia 
Canada..very nice site thank you

Dan Goldman

I'm not a Ewing, but my wife (Debbie Dawson) and my children descended from Rachel Harris's Grandfather Nathaniel's brother Thomas Harris, through the Clark family of Cumberland County, NJ. (I'm sure there's a lot about the Clarks in the Stanley Craig Cumb. Co. books you've referenced on your site.) Thomas's granddaughter  Sarah married James Clark, etc. My wife & her ancestors basically stayed in NJ, although the past 2-3 generations have lived up here in northern NJ (Morris County).
Thanks for your detailed & helpful Harris genealogy.

Heather Ewing

Hi. I don't know if I'm a Thomas Ewing decendant. I just thought this page was neat.

Chris Ewing

My father-in-law was Deforest Donal Ewing-1922-1971 born in Jamestown, NY
His father was John Deville Ewing-1879-1953-born in NewCastle, PA
His father was Zachariah Ewing-1847-1892-born in Mercer County, PA ?
His father was Thomas Ewing-1811 born?
Don't know if we are related, but thought this info may be of interest

dianna lynn ewing tibbs

hi my father was charlie turner ewing. his great grand father was from scotland and married an cherokee woman. that is all i know about our family.

Frank Dauro

Your site has helped me so much, My great grand-mother,Hannah Jane Latimer dtr. of Henry Clay Latimer son of Elisha and Jane Hunter Latimer.All of MS Gulfcoast. Could not find Henry Clay on your file.Still trying
to find his death date.My great aunt had a few pieces of funiture that belonged to
W.T. Sherman, but it was given to her from the Fitch side of the family. I just started on this project and your hard work has saved me much time. Thank you so much and if you need any information please let me know. Thanks........ Frank

George Edmund Ewing

My father was George Leroy Ewing who was born near Portis, KA on March 5, 1884.  His father was Edward Edmund Ewing, born October 27, 1867 in Ohio.  He married Lucina Mariah McHalister (?), also of Ohio.

Jane Riemann

My Great Grandmother was Martha Jane Latimer Clark, married to William W. Clark from Handsboro, MS, had a son Thomas Ewing Clark, I'm trying to connect to Jane Hunter Ewing.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Theresa Wilson

I was browsing the net for Ewing and this address was posted in the meassage board of ancestor.com so I decided to look.
A lot of hard work. I am looking for the Ewing's in Scotland and have only just strated. Thanks & Shalom

John Rufus Ewing

My Grand Father was William Thomas Hartwell Ewing, b1834 - d1901, born at Sulfur Springs, N. C. We are descendants of John Ewing and John Ewing Jr.  I can not fond info about my Grandfather's other off-springs. 

Paul E Cousins

Many thanks, confirmed my research.I have been asked by family to research their family history. My wife,Doris, is granddaughter of Alice Finley Ewing (1877-1986), daughter of Thomas (1841-abt 1900).Have info on both daughters and families of Thomas.
Thomas' wife is Eleanor (Ella Webb).

Jim McMichael

My family origin dates back to Glasgow.  My Grandfather fought in World War I; he was a decorated Sergeant.  He immigrated to Detroit, Michigan with his wife, Margaret.

James Bartlett Graham
tuathadd@celticwarrior.com  or lazzdar@aol.com

I'm a descendant of Thomas Ewing and am trying to directly link him to my present day family.  This is what I've gotten so far:
James Ewing, Findley Ewing and Jane Porter, Thomas Ewing Sr. and Mary Maskell, Thomas Ewing Jr. and Sarah Vicka(e)rs, George Ewing and Rachel Harris, Sarah Ewing and Obediah Clark, Laura Clark and William Bartlett, and lastly Mary Bartlett and George Coffield.  Also Starting with my family and tracing back I end up at Ray Ewing Coffield and his wife Bertha? They had a child (my grandmother on my mother's side) Vera Coffield and husband Harry V. Sprinkel, their child (out of a number) Nancy R. Sprinkel and her husband Donald J. Graham, on to me-James B. Graham and my sister Barbara A. Graham.  Now I am trying to link Ray Ewing Coffield directly with Mary Bartlett/George Coffield.  If anyone could somehow close the gap I would be extremely thankful.

Donna Mitchell

Hi, I love your site, I am looking for ancesters of Henry Mitchell, b1870 in clay co.ILL. so your site didn't help me but it was fun.

Paul Ewing

My family:lady Hana and 5 childerns!
Deni 16 years,Lucy 15 y.,Robin 12 y.,
Lukas 9 y.,Dan 6 y.

Linda Earnheart

I just started researching my aunt's and 1st cousin's ancestors, and found your site.  How exciting!!  My aunt is the granddaughter of Thomas C Folsom and Eliza Ewing.  Will have to get back here when I have more time. Would it be possible to get a gedcom of the Ewing ancestry?

karen ewing

This site is great!  It will help me a lot in my own search.

lynn hill

i am researching a SALLIE EWING born abt 1780. she is married to a  ?? CHRISTIAN. their dau Jala married John Gillette. both Jala & John were born in PA...THIS IS A GREAT SITE...LOADED WITH INFORMATION..

Pam Ewing Arave

We are researching the Robert Ewing line from Ireland and died in mason county, Kentucky. Married to Jane. Born 1760-1780 and died 1843 Adams County, Ohio.  Also, John Calhoun Ewing G,G,grandson.

H. Edward Ewings

I found your site to be most informative, and has inspired me to do the same for my Family. I am an African American.Do you have any information on the NC Ewing clan or Southern region Ewings.  

Thomas F. Ewing

Great site...Hope to make connection

Elizabeth Findley Fabritius

I have some information on the family of Eleanor, wife of Richard Ewing Caruthers and daughter-in-law/ step-daughter of Mary Ewing Caruthers Findley.



Pamela (Ewing) Arave





Paul Cousins
02 Jan 2000

Appreciate the fine work. My wife is from the Thomas Ewing/Maskell Ewing/Thomas Ewing/William Belford Ewing side the clan.

Allison Maskell Hawkes
27 Dec 1999

I am a descendant of John Maskell from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I am researching  my Maskell/Freda/Hopkins roots.  I would love to hear from any other Maskell descendants to see if we can share information.

Catherine R. Ewing
26 Dec 1999

I have trying to establish a family tree and I keep running into walls. My father Philip Russell Ewing of Columbus,Ohio always told me that we were related to Hon Thomas Ewing. I know that my grandfathers name was Samuel Philip Ewing & my grandmothers name is Catherine Marie McGinnis (maiden name). My father Philip served in WWII & was in the 10th Mountain Division ski troops. He died in Oct 23, 1992 in Columbus, Ohio. His sisters are Ruth, Dorothy, Anna, Gladys & Helen. All of which are deceased except Gladys. I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me with any available information.

Happy Holidays!!

Catherine R. Ewing

Barbara McCormick
25 Dec 1999

What a great site for the Ewing clan......
I am kin....I'll be sending you my Word File on the family.

Cheryl Hahn
lbchahn@goes.com (my son)
17 Dec 1999

My ancestor John D. Hennion fought at the Battle of Millstone, NJ.  He was commissioned a Captain after the Revolution.  I cannot find any military record, but a relative has his Captain's Commission.  His brother Cornelius was wounded at the Battle of Short Hills, NJ.  He was made a captain also.  He had a disability pension.  This was interesting to me.  John is buried in Parsippany, NJ.  He had two wives and 16 children.

David J. Ewing
09 Dec 1999

A great site. I wish I had information for you, but I have no knowlege of my family other than parents and a few others.

Connie Bishop
29 Nov 1999

Marilyn, very nice.  I'll do most of my corresponding with you offline, but wanted to tell you that Mercy Stathem is the daughter of Thomas Stathem b 1741 England and Ruth Udell (no dates) daughter of Philip Udell.  Talk to you soon.

Beth Henifin 
28 Nov 1999

I would like to know who the children of William Tecumseh Sherman were.  Please tell me.  

Ashley Prather Haigler
25 Nov 1999

I am the 9th Great Granddaughter of Thomas Ewing, Sr. through Samantha
 Latimer Jermyn and James Jermyn.  My great grandfather was their youngest
 son.  My mother is Dorris Jermyn Prather. The web site is very impressive.

Greg Ewing
25 Nov 1999

Hi Ewing clan member.
I am trying to research my own family tree and I am aware that a member of the Ewing family had indeed written a book about the Ewing family. I know that the person who wrote the book was living in the United States but I cannot remember who she was or her whereabouts. i would be interested in any info. you may have to assist with the search. I am living in Ontario, Canada
Thanks Greg Ewing 

Don Brandos 
25 Nov 1999

A wonderful find. 

I am the oldest grandson of Florence Eleanor Ralston and had no knowledge of my famley history.

Christopher K. Ewing
19 Nov 1999

This is really very interesting to see my family name is more common than I thought

Rebecca Jones
19 Nov 1999

My Father says that Gen. Thomas Ewing is part of our family tree. Who ever, my grandmothere passed away a few years ago and my grandfather passed away before I was born, so my grandfather's side of the family is very limited on information. All I know is that my great grandfather (Miles Curtis Jones) married a woman named Edna Ewings, and that is how we are saposedly related. The family has lived in Northwest PA. (Union City, Erie Co.) since Miles Curtis Jones at least . But I'm really not certain. ANyone who may know anything I would indebted for your information.
 Thank you,
Rebecca Jones

Jon Ewing 

I was wondering if I was from this family tree. My grandfather Charles Ewing was a painter from Rapid City South Dakota.  I really don't know much else. Please let me know if I am part of this tree or if there is a way I can find out. Thank you.

Jeff Ewing

Gene Ewing

A beautiful piece of work. Keep up the good work. I am a descendent of JAMES EWING of POCAHONTAS and also a member of Clan Ewing of America.
Gene Ewing

Katharine M. D'Angelo

I am a former resident of Ewing, New Jersey which is in Ewing Township, a township bordering Trenton, Lawrenceville and Hopewell Township.  My daughter was married in the Ewing Presbyterian Church which is one of the oldest churches in NJ  It is located on Scotch Road in Ewing, NJ.

Nora Hailer

My Greatgrandfather was Earl Dennis Ewing .I believe he was born in Kampsville, Illinois. Married Addie Cook and had 10 children Does anyone have any information on that family?

Joel Aaron  Ewing

Good site

Kent Edward Kenniston

I am looking for Isaac Keniston who married Clementine Smith in Rush County, Indiana 1848. They are my descendants. You have a very nice home page!

Ann Baughman

Have some descendants that I found of Wm. Newton Ewing & Nancy Makemson.  This family came from Pendleton Co., Ky. & settled near Parson, Ks.

James Hardy

I am a descendent of Mary Elizabeth Latimer (1912-) and Lewis Hood, of Biloxi.
Her father was Walter Holly Latimer, son  of Henry Elisha Latimer, son of
Edwin Robert Latimer, who was the son of Elisha Latimer and Jane Hunter Ewing.
I am seeking any information on the siblings of any of the above Latimers.
Thank you and God Bless.  JwH

Kristi Bender

I am descended from Thomas Ewing, Sr. through Maskell Ewing, Mary Ewing (marr Richard Caruthers & William Findley), Richard Caruthers & Eleanor Findley, Richard Alexander Caruthers. My paternal ggrandmother's maiden name was Caruthers. I just started this branch of the family and your site has been a tremendous help. I'll be happy to contribute when I get more research done.

Kristi Bender

Paul Ewing

Hi, I'm Paul Ewing in New Zealand. My Father came from Glasgow, Scotland,
 in 1920 where he came from a large Ewing clan. His father was Peter Ewing. 
I will attempt to get more background as there is a great gap back to the 1600's 
where your story commences. There appears to be approximately 5 main 
Ewing families in NZ.  

Robert Joel Ewing II

I was just wondering if perhaps I am a descendant of this family please contact me.


Vernon Robert Ewing

My father George Alexander Ewing  was born in Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicus islands in the British West Indies
His ancestors immigrated there from Scotland or Ireland in the 1600s..

Dorris Jermyn Prather

Marilyn,  I really enjoyed the web site and finding out more about my great grandmother Samantha Latimer Jermyn's family.  
I guess that oral history does have some validity.  We had always been told that Gen. Sherman was a relative.  I will send you the 
information that I have on Samantha and James Jermyn's children.  Also, on the
date of his death at a later date.  When I have more time to write.  I am so glad
to find a new cousin.  Family is wonderful.  Dorris


Sorry, from July 15 to August 29, the guestbook only recorded names and email addresses.  It lost any comments that people may have written.  If you commented or asked a question during this time, you might want to sign the guestbook again. 

Sherman Ewing, Jr.

Al Latil

Jesse L. Snyder

Bill Ewing


Stephen Gerald Ewing Hinds

Shana-Lee Ewing

Robert Eugene Ewing

Mike Ewing

Mary E. Durr

Earl R. Kious

Malinda Ewing

Philip Ewing

Ronald William Ewing

Jenny (Ewing) Shunn


Larry G. Carter
Trying to find out about my mother family. My Uncle has giving me some name and date but I can't find about them. Some of the names are: Thomas Ewing 1734-1800, Wife: Sarah, Son: John Thomas Ewing 1763-1828. John Thomas Ewing Married: Margaret Jane Adair 1773-1855 Son: John A. Ewing. John A. Ewing Married: Mary Smith, Son: George Washington Ewing 1835-1911 He married Emma Price 1838-1914 Children: Chase Ewing 1876-1925, Will Ewing, Albert Ewing, Gilbert Ewing, John Ewing, Kelly Ewing. The only information is on Chase Ewing. Wife (1): Beetha Aetha Ethel Emerrick 1877-1905 Son: Hollie Elivian Ewing 1897-1989. Wife (2): Effie Dunk Children: George Ewing, Dale Ewing, Paul Ewing,
James Ewing, Gilbert Ewing, Betty Ewing, Mildred Ewing. If you could help me out. Please do! Thank you, Larry Carter

Richard D. Ewing
Great site I will be sure to add a link to it when I update my links page.


Teresa Grisham
I am new to "Family History". Your site is absolutely fabulous. I found a bunch of handwritten documents that belonged to my Grandfather. I entered all of the information that I had and phoned relatived to enter information for the present. Unfortunately, my notes stop with my great great grandfather and I am having trouble getting more information. Of course, I am not very good at using the internet yet either. I was looking for a site with information on Cannelton, IN to find any history about the Eagan family (also spelled Egan). My gg grandfather's name was James Alfred Eagan born 03/03/1861 in Cannelton, IN. He married Mary L. Burnett who was born 09/11/1863 in Cannelton. He died 02/10/1899. James and Mary had the following children: James, Jacob, Charles, Ollie Jean and William Thomas. Both children James (4/20/1887) and Jacob (4/17/1889) were born in Cannelton also. My grandfather says he thinks birth records were destroyed in a fire! Any suggestions you have for me would be great.

Russ Livingood
While doing a search on my sur-name Livingood, I followed the " fathers name " back to Ewing. This is all new to me; I will be looking forward to doing a more complete study.

Susan Ewing Wolfe
I am a Ewing, descendant of David Ewing and Ruth Brown Ewing. I have a nearly complete 8 generation forward, but am having problems connecting into these main branches. David Ewing and his brother George and Father?name unknow came over frome Ireland. David was born on September 29, 1772, where in Ireland or Scotland I don't know. I am completely disabled and have a very difficult time getting to our large Library in San Antonio, Texas to continue the search. I have picked David up in Union Township,PA in 1820, which is fairly consistent with what I have gleaned from reading, but tend to think he must have come in through New York. Related families are Rhea, Weeks, Campbell, Whitton, Keightley Wherrett, Foutch or Fouche. I have extensive Photos of where they are buried in Knoxville, Illinois and a lot of data, but can not get back to original port of entry or where in Ireland or Scothland they may be from.Three children from this union that we know of, Alexander, b.03,06,1806, George M. b.05/21/1818, and Margaret b.1809. I would love to link into these wonderful sites if anyone can help me. I have loads of pictures, Obits.some Biographical info. an 1859 Diary where my Great Great Grandfather John Henry Ewing walked from Knoxville, Ill. to Dever for the Gold Rush, and so forth on to the present. Your site is excellent, and Thomas Ewing in1856-1908 Leavenworth, Kansas, is close to our family in El Dorado, Kansas. We also have a Thomas Ewing, but they are not one in the same, unfortunately. If anyone can help me, I will send you all I have.Thank you, your Web site is Marvelous!!!

Jonathan Ewing
My wife is working on researching our familys name now.

Eileen Clark
I'm looking for the Alexander Smith Ewing he married Christina Thompson Martin. A son Bill and my grandmother Christine Martin Ewing, I don't think there was any more children. I'd love to find out more of the family . Great Site


Douglas Ewing

Kaern A.  Ewing Pinkerton

Jack Ewing
Hi my name is Jack Ewing i realy like this page and i was woundering if you would have more info on ewing.
Thank you Jack

George Ewing
Should have said. Born 1964 in Linwood, Renfrewshire, but now living in England, although most of family still in Scotland. This is a neat and interesting website. Keep it up


Ella Ewing Hofmann
Your site is very interesting.I do not know much about my ancestors.My father was Geo. Matthew Ewing and he was born at Atoka Okla. 8-9-1904.He had a sister named Ella and two brothers. One died in a concentration camp during the war. If anyone has any info I would be very happy> All the children of Geo Ewing were born in Cinti.Ohio His mother was Sarah Widdecombe.She and her family came to this country in 1890s..

Thomas Fenwick Ewing

Heather Ewing

Jim Ewing
I hope to get more information to you. There is a farm near Wooster Ohio that has been in the Ewing family for over 150 years.

Andrew J Ewing
Hello, my name is Andrew Jonathan Ewing and I live in the United Kingdom. Our family have a name that is passed to the first born in each new generation, the name is "Hingley". This has been passed to my older brother and is my fathers middle name and was also my late grandfathers middle name Frank Hingley Ewing. Please can you advise if you have heard of this name in any other ewing ancestors.

Kelly Marshall
You guys really helped me with my reportabout William t. Sherman. Thanks


Joan Ceccato (nee Ewing)
I am trying to trace William Alexander? EWING b. Northern Ireland - 1795, d. Saint John, New Brunswick CAN - 20 Nov, 1840 Appears to have emigrated circa 1819. Spouse: Ann Fernandez CAMERON b 1797 d. Dec 1864, 1 child, William b. 1832 .  I can't find any trace of siblings, and wonder if you might have come accross any in your travels? I have no web page up at the moment as I'm just starting to input the data we've collected.

Norman Lee Ewing
Hi Marilyn. My lineage comes down from Nathaniel(1693-1748),are they related? New to Clan Ewing , am browsing every website I can find, enjoyed yours very much. Norman Lee Ewing #797 E-Mail LEwing@megabea.com

Gavin Ewing
Nice site - My name is Gavin Ewing and I am looking to try and trace some of my family history! I am a South African and was wondering if there was a possible link to the American Ewings?

marsha koetting
my dad is william ewing born 1913 keokuk ia. linna jane stafford wed henry ewing don't know what year. is there a chance we are related to thomas ewing sr.? where did this thomas sr. live?

Joe Lebus Ewing
Hello, My name is Joe Lebus Ewing. My Father's name is Kenneth Ray Ewing. He is from Madisonville, Kentucky. His fathers' name was Lebus Joe Ewing. If anyone has any further information, please contact me at my E-mail address: Joelebus@aol.com. thank you in advance. I will continue to watch for updates.

karen Ewing
I have started a search for the ancestors of my husbands family. I have gotten back to George Washington Ewing, Father of Albert Morton Ewing. Nephew of Thomas Ewing-Founder of Rossville, IN. He originally came from Richland Center, WI. G. W. Ewing was the youngest son of Dr. G. W. Ewing(M.D.) in Richland Center, WI. If any of this sounds familiar, please let me know. I am not sure how to go about all this. Thank YOU.

Marian Roach
Interesting. Now if I ever have the time I might be able to fill in the gaps. My father was Earle E. Ewing, son of Elisha Rogers Ewing Jr. who married Laura Hazel Hall. Elisha and Laura are buried in the cemetary in Oxford, PA, I have more information but unfortunately, little time to review it. It was nice to find this web site.

George Ewing
I did a quick scan and did not find a link. I will be back.  I have my line back to a George Washington Ewing in Jackson, Ohio.
George A. Ewing, Jr

Lawrence B. Ewing

Garen Cameron Ewing
A very nice site, congratulations on all your hard work. I'm from Sussex in England, though my father's side of the family come from Dundee in Scotland (he now lives in California). I'm just starting out on a 'Ewing' quest. Thanks again! - Garen.

charles fuller ewing

Julia Isabelle Starks McCann
Thank you for this website. I've learned much and I hope to contribute. I donated a tintype of Ellen Ewing Sherman, a postcard of William T. Sherman, and photgraphs of Thomas Ewing (Ellen's Father) and what I was told was a photograph of Thomas Ewing's Mother--to Beauvoir, the last home of Jefferson Davis. They have a museum there and I wanted to get these items where other people could find them. I also donated photographs of Edwin Robert Latimer and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Krohn Latimer, to the Biloxi Library Geneological Society. Photographs of various Latimer family members who were otherwise unidentified, were given to the Jackson County Geneological Society in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Terry A. Ewing

James B. Graham
Hello! I am researching my family tree and my discoveries have lead back as far as Findley Ewing, who was the father of Thomas Ewing. I used a document created by a family member who had started the search. It only has 10 names on it but I have managed to locate information on the web, and actually quite alot of information. I still have yet to link the last known relative (of late) directly with the youngest on the paper (of 1843-1916), but I'm working on it. If possible I'd like to hear more about any of the relatives which you know of, perhapse continuing past Findley Ewing(1650-?), or from before Sarah Ewing(1783-1835[who was married to Obediah Clark of ?-1843]). The latter would help in my direct connection of my family to Thomas Ewing. Thank you. James Graham.

Gregory Thomas Ewing

Mark Avitt

John H. Cashman
3/7/99You have a very nice site. Maria J. Avitt who married Benjamin F. Ewing was a sister to my g-grandfather John H. Avitt.

Robert A. Ewing
Very good. I was trying to trace a
James Ewing and wife Jane Leeper of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. He had a son William Allen David Ewing born 1764 in Pennsylvania with a second wife Charity Woods.

Priscilla Ewing

Tracy Bennett-Kastan
My Great Grandmother was Minney Key Ewing Married to John Ewing in 1900. Minnie was an extremely prominent person in Scottsbluff-Gering Nebraska. She had a degree from the University of Colorado in the late 1800's in Agriculture. She led the Oregon Trail Days Parade for many years. There is a Ewing artifact display in Gering Nebraska. I would love to find others whom are related. Thank you for the wonderful site.


2/7/99 through 3/5/99
Unfortunately, when this site was updated, almost a month of guestbook entries were inadvertantly lost between Feb. 7 and March 5.  If you signed our guestbook between those dates, please come back and sign again!  (Very sorry!)

Belinda Ewing Keal
Loved your web site! We are looking for info on our grandfather Francis Valentine Ewing born in Chambersburg, PA in 1878. No one can remember his parents names, other than the fact that his mother remarried to a Mr. Hardy in Chambersburg. Belinda Ewing Keal BKeal@AOL.com

Kate Ewing
Hi my name is Kathleen Grace Ewing from Woolacombe North Devon my fathers name was Joseph Desmond Ewing from Letterkenny in Ireland who is now deceased. I think his fathers name was also Joseph Ewing and wondered if there was any connection to your family.

John Ewing
Your website is a wonderful start to exploration of my family roots.

Clyde Ewing
I have Thomas Leaming Ewing in my lineage. He married Harriet Crabb in 1845 in Indiana. He was the youngest son of James and Sarah Ewing of Cape May New Jersey. I am seeking info re His grandfather William Ewing, b. 1732 in Derry, Ireland. I am a member of Clan Ewing and find this site very informative.

Valerie hamilton
Have information from the Hamilton family to Hannah Ewing, dau. of Alexandser Ewing of MD, then VA. Would like more information on the ancestors of Alexander Ewing who was the son-in0-law of Sias Billingsley of Harford CO, MD. Sias Billingsley was a Patriot in the REv. War. Was Alexander a son of Thomas Ewing or Alexander Ewing. the mother of Hannah Ewing was hannah Billingsley Ewing. Vhamil1947@aol.com

Charles Dale Ewing

I think it is wonderful, that you have done this. I know absolutely nothing of my ancestry since my dad was a Ewing but he ran away from us when I was only four. I know his father and mothers name and that is as fasr back as I can go.Keep up the good work and sometime I will run across some one or some thing that will connect me to the right people. I can find out when he died and when he was born, I know he is buried in Texas where he is from. You folks do good work.

Danny Thomas Ewing
My sister told me about this site. glad to have a place to start. I will be happy to submit all the info I can. I obviously have a lot of work to do!!!! Thanks for being here. Danny Thomas Ewing Atlanta Georgia

Diane Ewing Whalen

Norman L Ewing

William R. Ewing
Thank you for your web page. The page is well presented with excellent presentation. I am a member of Clan Ewing in America.  My
James Ewing has been very elusive and I know of no connection with this family.

Steven Robert Ewing
Hi, I'm an Ewing born in Dayton, Ohio. So far I've hit a stumbling block at my Great Grandfather whose name was, according to my Grandfathers Death certificate, Albert Ewing. He was from somewhere in South Central Ohio. Unfortunately my Dad cannot recall where. I am currently awaiting a copy of my grandfathers SSA 5 from the social Security Administration which will hopefully shed more light on this mystery. I am also a member of Clan Ewing.

Ps: Nice Web Site Pss: I'm also a Gillespie via my GreatGrand Mother

Clyde Ewing
My name is Clyde Ewing. I am a member of Clan Ewing. Just had an e mail from Jim McMichael with your URL and info re Thomas Ewing, Sr. My GGGgrandfather was William Ewing, married Sarah Eldredge 1755. Had Children" James, Thomas, William, James L. and Sarah. Sarah married Jonathon Leaming on Nov. 6, 1780. My GGG was born in Derry Co. in 1732. Is there a tie here? Thanks.

Robert L. Stathem

two of my aunts married sons of the Maskell-Ewing family.

Alexander Ewing
INTERESTING!! I can't believe I found a website about my history!! Please send me more! Thank you

Tommy Ewing
Hi folks I am constantly surprised at the amount of Ewing info. on the net. My father, Thomas Alfred Ewing, was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire in Scotland and settled here in Liverpool, England just after WW2. I would be very grateful for any news from survivors of the Paisley connection. Thank you

Tommy Ewing

Monica Ewing Lemoine
I think this page is great! My father was William Thomas Ewing His father was Howard Thomas Ewing His father was Thomas Ewing. (I'm not sure of exact dates...I will look for this information) I would love to get more information for you...We have a very large family here in Georgia

Marilyn Sutorius
Marilyn, Great reading-interesting kin. Another book in process? Marilyn S.

Gloria J. Cuevas
I'm a freelance writer/photographer working on a non-fiction piece. Part of my interest is in the women who helped to make this country great. Nothing that I was able to find, until now, spoke to Mrs. William T. Sherman. I appreciate your website for the information it has provided. You have every right to be proud of your ancestry.

Chad W. Ewing

Charles Ewing Clark
You have a very nice Website. I have Ewing ancestors. My name is Charles Ewing Clark. My fathers name was Ray Ewing Clark and his Father was Thomas Ewing Clark. The name "Ewing" is traditionally given to the eldest boy in each generation. I have a lot of geneology material tracing this line. I will be back in touch with you when I get some of the data organized. Please contact me at cecrene@cyberhighway.net

Jean Ewing Fanshier
Am new to the internet. I am descended from Thomas Ewing. Your page is great and I will send more info later.

Shirley Ewing
Hi Marilyn Price Mitchell:
I am an African American. My family probably inherited the Ewing family name from one of it's slave owners hundreds of years ago. My father is from Prairie Mississippi and so is my grandfather. If you have any information about us, I would love to know.

Jeanne Glasgow
I think that it is great that you know so much about your family's heritage! I hope someday to have such information about my "roots."

Alan Carroll Ewing
Hello! Great web site! My name is Alan C. Ewing and I trace my line back to
James Ewing (b. ~1777 in Edinburgh). I've not found a great deal of information regarding this branch of the family. I have virtually no information regarding my ancestors before James and am very interested in learning more. I do have a great deal of information regarding my line after James that I would be happy to share.

Marilyn Ewing
Our family is descended from Thomas Ewing Sr. (1695-1748);Thomas Ewing (1722-1771);George Ewing,Jr.(1779-1849);Marquis de Lafayette Ewing (1830-1885);William Harrison Ewing (1863-1933);Charles Fredrick Ewing,Sr.(1902-1981);Elbert Ray Ewing,(1933- )

This my husband, and he does not get on the internet, so I am signing him on. His brother William Curtis Ewing from Michigan is signed on. We are from Perry Co. Indiana. and we have recevied mail from the Ewing Clan, however Elberts brother William is the genealogist in this family. Marilyn Ewing

cheryl kawalec
Boy are you talented....and way too much free time!! Very interesting, I'll keep reading! Say hello to Jay and Sarah! Love always, Cheryl

Elaine Tillquist Pavone
What a beautiful web site. I'm in the process of building one myself, and when I see one like this it really inspires me to keep going.

I happened upon yours because I am researching Mitchel(l)s of Middlesex and New London Counties in Connecticut. Your page came up because of your Mitchel name. Although you have nothing genealogical for me, I have enjoyed perusing your site.

Elaine Pavone the_pavones@csi.com

eric e. ewing
You have done a wonderful job putting this site together!

Gee Gee and Ed
Ed and I enjoyed reading about your family over a glass of wine. We are impressed at your web smarts. Gee Gee and Ed

Kudos!!! Happy Holidays!

Judi and Ron Larson

Robert M. Price
Marilyn: I enjoyed viewing your web site. The research it required must have been astounding. Did you create your website yourself? It is very well constructed; easy to understand and read. So many web sites have so many 'bells and whistles' that you cannot easily read them and get information from them. There is so much information here that I will have to come back again and again, reading more each time. Later, Robert Michael Price

William Curtis Ewing
Great site, Marilyn. Wonderful job. Ten thousand Thomas Ewing descendants "Thank You".

Sherm Ewing
Wonderful work! Thanks so much to all who have contributed. I look forward to the meeting in Lancaster, Ohio. (signed) Sherman Ewing--uncle of Candida Steel.

Robert Hunter Johnson
Excellent Web Site, I am sure it will get a lot of interested visitors. Wish I had mine on the Web.

Dick Statham
Looks great.

Hi Marilyn
Your site is wonderful. So much interesting material and the graphics are lovely. It really looks professional. I'm visitor # 11! A honor!         JoAnne

Candida  Ewing Steel
Marilyn, it looks terrific! I'd be happy to be a contributor to the site, and will be doing so soon.

Debbie Igo
Hi Marilyn. Your page looks great. I haven't been able to take the time yet to really look it over but I will later today. Thanks for all your time and effort to the Ewing Family.

James R. "Jim" McMichael
Marilyn what a nice site. No doubt, you will have many visitors to your site due to the kind of information you are presenting and the way it is presented. The Ewing information is growing on the Internet and your contribution will be appreciated by many.






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