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Thank you for visiting my website.  I welcome your comments, questions, corrections, and any additional information you would like to share about your Ewing ancestors.  Because I have had a huge problem with spam, I no longer provide a link to my email address. Please follow these directions carefully to contact me:

ewingfamily(at)sandcastles.net -- Instead of (at), please use the @ symbol that is normally found in an email address. 

I do answer all email inquiries regarding the Ewing family.  If you have a Ewing ancestor related to Thomas Ewing Sr., I can often email you a computerized report on your line.  I don't post my database anywhere else on the internet because I have found it is too difficult to correct errors.  And, I don't post any information on people still living.



Copyright 1998-2006 Marilyn Price-Mitchell.  Permission to copy all or part of this page granted for non-commercial use only.  Send mail to ewingfamily(at)sandcastles.net.  Instead of (at), use the @ symbol normally found in an email address. Last modified: September 16, 2006