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Sites of Interest to the Ewing Researcher

Cyndi's List:  I'm often asked where to begin if one is just getting started with searching for your ancestral roots.  I suggest checking out Cyndi's List for a massive amount of info on this enormous subject!  

Ewing Family Association: This organization is devoted to researching Ewing immigrants in America before 1776. You will find great information about the origins of the Ewing name, early Ewing history, and a list of Ewing immigrants. This site also has a message and information exchange where you can leave inquires about Ewing ancestors.

The Ewing Family Genealogy Forum: GenForum sponsors a Ewing site for discussion of descendants and ancestors. Post your message or inquiry.

Cumberland County, NJ:  Thomas Ewing Sr. and Mary Maskell settled in Greenwich, NJ and many of the homes still standing there were occupied by Ewing descendants.  This site gives you a great overview and photos of these structures as well as an excellent history of the area.

The Fairfield County Visitors and Convention Bureau: This site has information about the life of William T. Sherman and other internet links to Sherman and his family.

The Sherman House, Lancaster, Ohio:  Learn about the home where William T. Sherman grew up and was later adopted by Thomas Ewing Sr., his neighbor, when Sherman's father died.

Notre Dame Archives: There is a huge amount of information on the Thomas Ewing and Mary Maskell family in the archives at the library of Notre Dame. You can view the items in the Thomas Ewing Microfilm Collection online. You can order copies of microfilmed items by mail. I have always found the librarians here very helpful.

University of Maryland Library:  This library maintains a microfilm edition of the Thomas Ewing papers in it's Ewing Family Collection.  Follow the directions online to research the collection.

William L. Clements Library, The University of Michigan: This library collection of 400 items from 1780-1937 contains family papers relating to four generations of the Maskell Ewing family. Most of the letters relate to Maskell C. Ewing (1807-1849), however there is some correspondence from Maskell Ewing, Sr. (1758-1825), Maskell C. Ewing, Jr., and Amy Lee Ewing Oakley.

The Ohio State Libraries:  Because George Ewing (1754-1824) moved his family to Ohio and his son, Hon. Thomas Ewing became a senator from that State, the Ohio Library system has an immense amount of information about the Ewing family.  Start from this site to search for your Ewings.

Stirling, Scotland: Our Ewing ancestors originally came from the vicinity of Stirling Castle in the Scottish highlands. This is a great site to learn about the history of the castle and the surrounding area.

The Ewing Family Tree--Ancestors and Descendants of Gustavus H. Ewing: A site devoted to Ewing ancestors, beginning with William Ewing and Eliza Milford who were born in Scotland in the early 1600's.  Compiled by CarolSue Hair, Clan Ewing of America member, this site has wonderful music and great information for this particular Ewing line.






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