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James Ewing
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James Ewing, the youngest son of Thomas Ewing Sr. and Mary Maskell, was born July 12, 1744. He was a member of the famous "Tea Party" which, on the night of Thursday, Dec. 22, 1774, destroyed a quantity of tea which had been landed at Greenwich NJ, contrary to the Articles of Association of the Continental Congress. He was elected to the Assembly from Cumberland County in 1778, and liked the atmosphere of Trenton so well that he took up his residence there the next year, in 1779. He engaged in the mercantile business, and for a short time was a partner of Isaac Collins, the printer of the New Jersey Gazette. For several years he was one of the Commissioners of the State Loan Office. He was the author of an ingenious "Columbian Alphabet," an attempt at a reformed system of spelling, which he explained in a pamphlet published at Trenton in 1798. He was Mayor of Trenton from 1797-1803. He died October 23, 1823.

He was a Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion Cumberland Militia and a paymaster of Militia. Charles Ewing was the only child of James Ewing and his wife Martha Bond. Chalres graduated from Princeton in 1798 and was accepted to the bar in 1802. He was Chief Justice of New Jersey from 1824-1832, dying in office.


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