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Jane Hunter Ewing
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Jane Hunter Ewing was the youngest child of George Ewing and Rachel Harris.  She was born 26 April 1792 in Wheeling, Virginia and died on 5 April 1877 in Hansboro, Mississippi.  The photo to the left was passed down through the Latimer family.  The original looks like an early photo; however, there has been some sketching over the photo with black ink.

It was while her parents were living in Athens County, Ohio, that Jane met and married Elisha Latimer and where several of their children were born.  In May of 1818, she and Elisha, with her parents and several other members of the Ewing family, traveled by boat down the Ohio River and landed in Perry County, Indiana where they made their home for many years.  They purchased 748 acres of excellent land at the mouth of Millstone Creek, fronting on the Ohio River.  On the premises were about 50 acres under cultivation, a hewn log house, several cabins, a number of bearing fruit trees, and a good millseat.  They planted 10 or 12 acres of corn and were well supplied with fish from the river.  In addition to her work on the land, Jane had a total of twelve children with Elisha, four of whom died in infancy.

Jane and Elisha lived in Perry County for almost 30 years then about 1842 moved to Biloxi, Mississippi. In family letters to her brothers, she talks about the long trip down the Ohio River to the Mississippi and then on to Biloxi.

Jane's obituary in the Biloxi, Mississippi newspaper reads: In this place, on Thursday morning, April 5, 1877, after a long and lingering illness, Mrs. JANE H. LATIMER, aged 84 years, 11 months, and 9 days. Mrs. Latimer was born in Virginia, April 26, 1792; moved from there to Ohio; then to Indiana, whence she removed to Mississippi, and had been living; to the day of her death at this point, thirty-five years, honored and respected by every one. Mrs. Latimer whose virgin name was Ewing, was a sister of Hon. Thomas Ewing, of Ohio, and nearly related to Mrs. General Sherman. (she was Jane's
niece) A loving and fond mother, a kind neighbor, a true friend, she was fully reconciled to her fate, and met death with complete composure.

Her nephew, General George Ewing remembered her as a "sprightly old lady sitting in bed smoking a clay pipe."

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