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Maria Wills Boyle
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maria.1.gif (101607 bytes)Maria Wills Boyle (1801-1864) was the daughter of Hugh Boyle and Eleanor Gillespie of Brownsville, Pennsylvania.  Eleanor's parents were from County Donagal, Ireland, the same County that Hugh Boyle came from. She and Hugh set out for Ohio in 1798 on trails rather than roads. There were streams to cross and often no bridges, and hills up which the horses had to tug and pull at their loads. Eleanor and Hugh sometimes walked in order to lighten the burden for the horses. The inns were crowded and usually dirty, and it always felt good to get out of doors again and start their journey in the fresh morning air.

When Maria's parents settled in Lancaster, Ohio, they were very happy. Eleanor's sister, Susan also came to Lancaster where she married Philemon Beecher. In 1805, when Maria was just four years old, Eleanor became very ill after the birth of her daughter Susan. She became very weak and died. From that time forward, her children were raised by their aunt Susan and Uncle Philemon Beecher.  It was in their home that she eventually met Hon. Thomas Ewing, who came to do a law internship with Judge Beecher.

Maria Boyle married Thomas Ewing on 17 Jan 1819 at the Philemon Beecher home in Lancaster, Ohio. It is with Maria Boyle that the Roman Catholic division of the Ewing family had its beginning. Maria was a staunch Catholic. Through her lofty Christian example and teaching, she brought her husband, the Honorable Thomas Ewing, into the Catholic church, and carefully reared her large family in like Christian faith.

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