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Ewing Women
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Jane Hunter Ewing
Maria Wills Boyle
Eleanor Boyle Ewing
Rachel Harris


"...men who have pride in their descent do for the most part trace back their genealogy along the male line, forgetting that their ancestors all had mothers who had their full share in forming the physical, moral and mental man." 
-- Senator Thomas Ewing

Historically, the names of the men are recorded in history books and for that reason, you will find more stories of Ewing men on this site. But the Ewing women were the unsung heroines of their time.

In an address delivered at the centennial celebration in Marietta, Ohio, by General Thomas Ewing, the following was spoken about Rachel Harris (1754-1825), wife of George Ewing (1754-1824): "She was the wife of a soldier of the Revolution, who emigrated to the far West after the war ended. She had made the journey from the Ohio over river and mountain, by flood and fell, through an almost trackless wilderness, on horseback, unattended, carrying a boy baby in her arms. No man ever boasted of his lineage with loftier pride than I, when I say that brave and loving woman was my grandmother and the baby my father."

The Ewing women had little but the bare necessities of life, yet they struggled as did their husbands to build a better life for their children and future generations. Childbearing was difficult at best and many children died in infancy. Nonetheless, many Ewing women gave birth every year or two, some onward of twenty years!  They worked the land, provided an education to their children, kept the house, cooked, and supported their husbands in their chosen fields. You can read about their challenging lives by selecting the buttons to the left or clicking on the links below. 

Rachel Harris (1754-1825)   Husband:  George Ewing

Jane Hunter Ewing (1792-1877)  Husband:  Elisha Latimer

Maria Wills Boyle (1801-1864)  Husband: Hon. Thomas Ewing

Eleanor Boyle Ewing (1824-1888)  Husband:  William T. Sherman



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